December 30, 2008

Liu Xuan to Release Second Single

We have a ton of Chinese news to catch up on, and catch up we will over the next few weeks. Here's a tiny little update on 2000 Olympic beam champ Liu Xuan for starters.


A while ago we reported that Liu Xuan had released a single entitled "Setting Out," an Olympics-themed song meant to describe an athlete's feelings just before the Games. (The original post contains a link to the song.)

Sohu now reports that Liu is about to release her second single, entitled "Like a Baby," written and produced by Xiao Ke. Described as a fresh, cheerful popular ballad (or is that a fresh, cheerful folk rhyme? We're not sure about the translation...), the song is said to be in line with the kind of music Liu Xuan herself likes. According to Sohu, Liu's only goal is "to sing songs I actually like myself."

The article also mentions that the production team was surprised at how "non-mainstream" Liu Xuan's tastes in music are. Reportedly Liu will bravely try her hand at "modern folk rhymes" (or "modern popular ballads" - again, we're not sure of the translation) and "modern rock 'n' roll" in 2009.

As far as we know, "Like a Baby" hasn't been posted on YouTube yet, but if anyone has a link, we'll be happy to post it!

Liu Xuan tells more about her experiences in the music world and her gymnastics career in this interesting recentish English-language interview from the Air Macau Inflight Magazine (yes, we get our information from all the place).


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  3. it's just modern folk songs, like dvendra banhart kinda stuff. it's quite popular among college students.

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