October 10, 2008

Gymnasts Turned Singers

Think Carly Patterson is the only out there trying to make a name for herself as a singer? Think again.

This is 2000 Olympic champion Liu Xuan belting out a tune called "Setting Out", whose chorus translates as, "We'll just go together / We'll just hold hands / Outside it's raining hard again and there's a lot of wind / But you and I will just set out into the world together again..."

Liu Xuan (photo: Sina)

And this is former Romanian national team member Sabina Cojocar singing "I Don't Wanna Lose You" - in English!

Sabina Cojocar (photo: Romaniangymnastics)

Although her English needs a little work, we think Sabina wins this one hands down. You go, girl!


  1. i think carly is almost as good as sabina. she lacks a little presence but her voice is good, IMHO.

    i didn't like the liu xuan song at first but it grew on me after i'd listened to it a few times. it's catchy! i wish i oould understand the words.

  2. Have you seen this? It's Yang Bo singing. She's pretty good, if you ask me.


  3. Hey, thanks for the Yang Bo vid! We'd heard she liked singing but had never actually heard her do it. She's good! But we still think Sabina has a slight edge.

  4. I just came across your site in the past couple of weeks, what a great site, thanks for all the info. We get precious little in the way of gymn news so many thanks for finding the news and for translating it. I would love to know more about former gymnasts and what they are doing, such as sabina and the Chinese girls singing. Keep up the great work

  5. Thanks for the love, Anonymous! We're glad you like the site. We'll try to post a few more stories about former gymnasts.

  6. Hi
    I speak hebrew if you ever need a story about israeli gymnastics, I will be glad to provide it.