December 4, 2008

Finally, Video Footage of That Hambüchen Routine!

Finally we've found a video of the record-breaking high bar routine (7.5 start value) Fabian Hambüchen performed last weekend at KTV Straubenhardt's final "regular" Bundesliga match of the season. Click here to see it!

We have to agree with Rick McCharles that Hambüchen's Pineda (the big, G-rated skill he does at the beginning, officially described as a barani-out Gaylord 2) doesn't look all that different from a Kolman or a Cassina. It's just a piked Kolman really. It's still pretty spectacular stuff though. Wahnsinn, as Hambüchen himself would have it!


  1. What is his new record breaking score?

  2. According to the Straubenhardt website, he received a 16.500, which sounds about right to us. He did have about one point's deductions.