December 21, 2008

Now About That Ukrainian Story...

We've been informed that the Ukrainian national training center at Koncha-Zaspa (which apparently hosts training facilities for a number of sports, not just gymnastics) hasn't actually been closed. There's just no money for the gymnasts to continue having training camps there. As far as we're concerned, that's almost as bad as the center being closed, but it leaves a spark of hope for the future. A tiny one.

For what it's worth, our translator (Kristina) is not to blame for the misunderstanding. She got it right in her translation. We simply misinterpreted her translation when we posted the story. We're sorry about that.

The tenor of the story remains the same. The Ukrainian gymnasts are not training together. They've been sent back to clubs which by all accounts are seriously underequipped and understaffed. That's bad news however you interpret the news about there not being any money for training camps.

We hope one day to see new Oksana Omelianchiks, Lilia Podkopayevas, Viktoria Karpenkos, Irina Krasnyanskas and Alina Koziches emerge from Ukraine, but the way things are going there, we're not holding our breath.

Lilia Podkopayeva in a 2004 photo, wearing the Olympic medals she won in Atlanta 8 years earlier. Hopefully she won't be Ukraine's last great champion.


  1. Those are Atlanta 1996 medals where Lilia won gold in the All Around and Floor. She won silver on beam.

  2. Um, yes. We're aware of that (believe it or not, but we know our Olympic champions). What we were referring to was the fact that this picture was taken in 2004, eight years after Podkopayeva won the medals she's wearing. We've changed the caption to reflect this.

  3. Somebody clarified that the Ukrainian gymnastic teams will begin training at Koncha-Zaspa on Jan. 15th, one week after Russians strating training at Round Lake. (hope this is true)

  4. We read that. We're waiting for more information about the situation to emerge before devoting a new post to it. We're checking our sources a bit more carefully now. :)

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