December 18, 2008

Hambüchen's Surgery: No Complications

Financial Times Deutschland reports that Fabian Hambüchen has gone under the knife and that the operation was successful. Here's a translation of the FTD article...

(photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Hambüchen's Finger Operation Without Complications

Fabian Hambüchen has left the Vinzenz Palotti Hospital in Bergisch Gladbach following his finger operation and is now looking forward to the gymnastics year 2009 with full confidence.

"It all went well," the 21-year-old high bar world champion announced after the thirty-minute operation during which doctor Georg Westerdorf and Rainer Koll, the team doctor of the Olympic-gold-medal-winning German field hockey team, artificially lengthened the torn ligament of the little finger of his left hand and fixed it with a titanium anchor.

Hambüchen's injury occurred during the Beijing Olympics. Initally a capsular injury was diagnosed and treated conservatively. However, the pain recurred in November, which restricted his performance at the Stuttgart World Cup event and at the Bundesliga Final, held in Heidelberg last weekend.

Fabian Hambüchen must now wear a splint on his left hand for around a week. Reduced training is currently all that is possible for the Olympic bronze medalist. "He is of course unable to train with his hand. But he is still doing something," confirmed his father and coach, Wolfgang Hambüchen. The stitches should be removed before the turn of the year.

It is currently debatable whether Fabian Hambüchen can take part in the American Cup on February 21/22, as planned. "We will decide in the middle of January, after weighing all the pros and cons, whether it makes sense. If he is to take part in such a competition, he must be in good shape," said Wolfgang Hambüchen.

We wish Fabian all the best.

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