December 11, 2008

Ana Maria Tamirjan to Skip Winter Break to Prepare for American Cup

A while ago, Romanian head coach Nicolae Forminte complained about the lack of motivation in his team. Well, he can't complain about Ana Maria Tămîrjan. According to this ProSport article, Tămîrjan is skipping the holidays to prepare for next year's American Cup. How's that for motivation?

(photo: ProSport)

Ana Tămîrjan Wishes to Skip Over the Holidays

European champion with the team and European bronze medalist on floor Ana Maria Tămîrjan is recuperating from the femur fracture she sustained a little while before departing for the Olympic Games in Beijing. In Beijing, Ana made a decisive contribution to Romania's team effort, helping the team to finish third.

After a few months' rest, the tiny gymnast from Ploieşti has returned to the gym, and she wants to make up as quickly as possible for the time she lost while unable to train.

"Ana is doing very well, she's very motivated. She has begun training, and what's more, she's refusing to go on her winter break. Instead she wants to stay here [in Deva] to train. She wants to go to the American Cup, and as the American Cup is only two months away, she wants to work as hard as possible so that she can get back on the apparatus. Hers is the return which pleases us most. At her own request, she won't go home over the holidays. She'll only have one single day with her family. Other than that, she'll be training," head coach Nicolae Forminte told ProSport.

The American Cup will be held in Chicago on February 21.

From December 19 to 28, the national women's team will be on its training camp in the mountains, in Poiana Braşov.


  1. This reminds me of a documentary I recently saw about the Romanian gymnastics team leading up to the 2008 Olympics. At one point, Ana Maria Tamirjan states how she feels extra motivated to be a champion since her twin sister, Adriana, retired. Ana Maria says that she wants to win to prove how good Adriana was, since Adriana never had the opportunity to prove herself. She must be an extremely driven girl.

  2. Both Tamarjan and Nistor had terible pains in Beijing. Nistor had back and spine related pain and she had a series of injections. That's why she was not at her best. Tamarjan didn't tell her coach that she had those leg pains. She only complained after the Olympic games. That's why the bronze medal was as big as a gold for the Romanians. I'm very sorry for Nistor that she was so unlucky throughout her career.

  3. Yes, Ana Maria seems extremely driven. We have to commend her on her attitude to the sport. We're not sure competing injured without telling your coach is wise, but it definitely showed some grit and devotion to the team. As to her skipping her Christmas break, that is indubitably a sign of great dedication to the sport. We approve!

    As to Nistor, we agree she's had an unfortunate career. I (Mihaela) actually saw her when she was young (aged eight or nine), and I thought she was headed for a great career. Obviously she did have a pretty good career, but she never rose to the incredible heights I thought she would, largely, I think, because of her injuries. It's a pity, because she really could (and should) have been a superstar.