December 5, 2008

The World Cup Game Continues

This is the FIG's latest list of World Cup Finalists. Some notes to go with the list...

Belgium's Aagje Vanwalleghem apparently decided that competing in a World Cup Final was better than competing before a home crowd at Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. She's confirmed for the vault final. Good for her!

The North Koreans have confirmed that they will not go to Madrid, which means Britain's Marissa King and Mexico's Elsa Garcia are now to be confirmed for the vault final. It's getting to be a nice and international field...

Koko Tsurumi (photo: Reuters)

Japan's Koko Tsurumi is confirmed on bars. It looks like she might be joined in that final by Brazil's Daniele Hypolito, who will be in Madrid to do floor, as we don't expect higher-ranked Dasha Joura (currently to be confirmed on bars, but known to be resting) to make the trip to Madrid.

Daria Zgoba is now confirmed on both bars and beam, but according to this Ukrainian article, it's by no means certain that Zgoba will compete on beam. Zgoba is still recovering from the leg surgery we were reliably informed she underwent at the beginning of October. She'll definitely compete on bars in Madrid, but her appearance in the beam final will be determined by her form of the day. We'd advise the FIG to have an alternate standby.

Still to be confirmed: Japan's Kohei Uchimura on floor and Italy's Matteo Morandi on rings. And for the USA, Chellsie Memmel on beam, Jana Bieger on floor, and Sasha Artemev on pommels. Come on, USA Gymnastics - if even technology-starved North Korea could send the FIG an e-mail, surely you can too? Memmel and Artemev have been "TBC" for several days now. If the above gymnasts decline (as seems likely), their places will probably go to Alina Kozich (beam), Koko Tsurumi (floor), and Jose Luis Fuentes (pommels).

Definitely to be continued.


  1. Good news for Sandra, from what I know she and Elsa are friends, so they'll be able to chill together.

  2. Good news for Sandra indeed. It must be very dull being your country's only representative at a competition!