December 11, 2008

Sandra Izbasa: Tired and Looking Forward to Getting Madrid Over and Done With

Been wondering how Sandra Izbaşa is feeling after her self-admitted "hellish schedule" of the last few months? Well, apparently she's tired. What a surprise.

If there's any gymnast out there who deserves a nice Christmas break, it's Sandra, we think.

(photo: ProSport?)

This from ProSport:

Izbaşa Is Ready for the World Cup Final

Having just spent a few days at the Izvorani training center, the Olympic champion on floor,
Sandra Izbaşa and the head coach of the national women's team, Nicolae Forminte, are preparing for their two final competitions of the year. The most important one, the World Cup Final, is taking place in Madrid this weekend. Therefore, the two are departing for the Spanish capital tomorrow morning.

"I'm not at all nervous. I'm going there to do what I know best, which is to say, to compete. I'm a little tired and I can hardly wait for my vacation. I've just had two criminal months during which I hardly ever got to stay at Deva. I was on the road all the time, and I'm beginning to feel the effects of that. I'm not feeling any pressure. At the moment, all I want to do is to get what needs to be done over and done with as soon as possible and to finish this year on a healthy note," Sandra told ProSport.

For his part, the team's head coach, Nicolae Forminte, considers the Spanish competition an important test for his pupil. "I understand that this is the last time the World Cup will be organized in this format. So I think the results will really count. It's an important competition where how we present ourselves will matter. It will be an end-of-year test. As Sandra was saying, we look forward to being done with all these competitions so that we can get some rest," said Forminte.

Sandra Izbaşa's last appearance of the year will be at an exhibition in Belgium which will be held between December 19 and 21
[the Ghent "Gym Gala," to be held on December 20].

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