December 21, 2008


A new YouTube video has been uploaded that proves that Viktoria Komova, who won the Voronin Cup just a few days ago, is still working the incredible ff - layout stepout - Arabian beam series that we saw her do earlier this year. Apparently she did it at the Voronin Cup (in the event finals, we guess, since she didn't do it in the video from the all-around competition that was posted earlier). She fell on the Arabian, but came closer to nailing it than she did in the older video in which she's shown performing the series. We can't wait to see her hit that combination in competition.

Check out the routine including the phenomenal Arabian series for yourself here and say it with us: WOW.

(photo: Stefan Wurzer/Gymnasticsunited)

Komova's vault from the same competition, a decent but unspectacular Omelianchik, has also surfaced on YouTube. Check it out here.

We're hoping her other routines from the Voronin Cup will be posted soon.


  1. Her super difficult floor was just posted, along with the super difficult floor of Anna Myzdrikova

  2. This girl is absolutely phenomenal. She has gorgeous lines & I love the crazy hard combinations. Much respect to Russia for still being innovative in a time of boring routines packed with the same skills. By the way I loooooove the new look of your website. The other way burned my eyes!!! But I still read it anyway, because this is a fantastic site. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Thank you very much for changing the look of your blog! I love your blog but the white text on black is very hard on my eyes. Love the new look :)

  4. Lines like Nastia with skills like Shawn! Love her!

  5. Thanks Marcus! We just posted some new routines.

    Anonymous 1 and 2, aren't the Russian gymnasts looking great? Komova is amazing. With her combination of great lines and great skills she should go very far. We hope she won't burn out before she gets a chance to show off her stuff at great competitions, like so many promising Russian juniors before her.

    Katrina and Anonymous 1, you're welcome. We never realized how hard our layout was on the eyes until a reader pointed it out to us. Then we started paying attention to it, and sure enough, we agreed it was hard to read our (often very long) articles in that particular color scheme. Hence the new look. We agree it's an improvement over the old one. Glad you like it too!

  6. She is amazing. I really REALLY hope that she stays healthy and maintains that skill level into seniors. I could watch her all day!

  7. So could we, Anonymous. Her combination of style and tricks is all too rare these days. It would a great loss for the sport if she went the Isayeva way.

  8. I love her to bits! I can't decide who's my favourite Russian junior: Komova, Nabieva, the Mustafina sisters or Grishina!
    I only wish they compete just as well at senior level!