December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just so as you know, we're going to try and make a concerted effort to stay away from the Internet for a few days. Being the Internet junkies we are, we'll probably start suffering withdrawal symptoms by the time our respective Christmas lunches are served, and be busy scouring news sites and forums for hot stories for the rest of the day, but all the same we expect our updates to be few and far between over the next few days, as we'll be too busy reminding ourselves that there is in fact life outside gymnastics.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all that. Have a great holiday and talk to you soon!

Yours in festive cheer,

The Gym Girls


  1. (TCO

    Merry Xmas, girls.

  2. life outside gymnastics ???

    I don’t think so.

    What is this thing you call Christmas?

  3. You should enjoy your well deserved break from your constant, comprehensive gymnastics coverage. I think now is the time to suggest that when the next season starts, you should cover some of the other disciplines of gymnastics. Even though the news about Aerobic and Acrobatic Gymnastics may not be as action-packed as artistic. Or you should at least cover rhythmic gymnastics, since many articles about it are in Russian and Ukrainian.

    Anways, have a merry Christmas and a happy new competitive season!

  4. life outside gymnastics? lol Merry Christmas! btw i love your's always very informative!

  5. Hi everyone!
    First I have to tell you how much I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEE this blog! Also, I hope that it's alright that I post this here... I just started a new blog a few hours ago and would love for people to come check it out and leave comments and suggestions! The URL is: (Called We Love Gymnastics!)

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work! :)

  6. I will comment there (and will try to restrain my teasing to Pg-13 levels) if you open up the commenting restrictions. Wish this blog would as well.

  7. I guess I kind of retract that comments about covering other disciplines. I just decided to make my own blog that covers all the disciplines. Visit I even have an update on Jade Barbosa!

  8. Thanks everyone, and best of luck to those of you who've started your own blogs. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Cidlover, it's a good thing you've started a blog that covers all disciplines of the sport, as we have no intention of going that way. We've found that keeping abreast of developments in artistic gymnastics (and only FIG gymnastics at that) is quite time-consuming enough. We couldn't envisage trying to keep track of rhythmic news etc. as well, so we'll be happy to leave that to you. Best of luck!