December 14, 2008

Americans Dominate Woluwe-Saint-Lambert Tournament

A small but interesting field consisting of up-and-coming American, Romanian, Dutch, and Belgian gymnasts took part in a four-nation tournament in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium. The three American gymnasts (Corrie Lothrop, Olivia Courtney, and Amanda Jetter) dominated, finishing first, second, and third, respectively, in the all-around competition. Then came the first Romanian, young Larisa Iordache, the first Belgian, Jolien Eggermont, and the first Dutchwoman, Lieke Wevers (Sanne's twin sister).


1. Corrie Lothrop USA 58.35
2. Olivia Courtney USA 58.05
3. Amanda Jetter USA 57.10
4. Larisa Iordache ROM 57.05
5. Jolien Eggermont BEL 55.45
6. Lieke Wevers NED 55.30
7. Jocelyn Kraan NED 53.95
8. Marrit Ewald NED 53.55
9. Marieke Herteleer BEL 52.45
10. Ana Maria Baicu ROM 52.05
11. Monica Dejardin BEL 50,90
12. Patricia Tiron ROM 49.45
13. Kim Van Limbergen BEL 49.35
14. Mihaela David ROM 47.80
15. Tahnee Masela NED 38.80

Holland's Tahnee Masela (Wyomi's elder sister) reportedly took a zero on vault (she ran past the springboard twice) and finished last. Apparently Masela was given a (non-counting) chance to try her vault once more in front of a judging panel after the end of the competition, only to stuff up the vault in the second flight phase. Oops. We hope that won't be the seed of a vaulting phobia.

Belgian national champion Aagje Vanwalleghem was slated to compete in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, but opted to go to Madrid instead, and was rewarded for her efforts there with a bronze medal on vault. Belgium's lone representative in the Olympics, Gaelle Mys, didn't compete in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert either. According to people who attended the competition, it was a lot of fun - "better than Top Gym." Apparently all the gymnasts were given Belgian chocolates after the competition. It's a good thing the time for strict dieting has come to an end for a bit...

The participants of the Woluwe-Saint-Lambert tournament. The victorious American girls, clad in Nastia Liukin's pink Olympic outfit, are sitting in the front row. The Romanian juniors are sitting behind them, and the Dutch girls, dressed in black, are standing behind them. Two of the Belgian girls are standing on the side, with the two others seated in the front row next to the Americans. (Photo: Tanja Moody)

Videos: YouTube user Dutchfan33 has posted quite a few videos of the competition. Click here to see them.

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