November 25, 2008

And a Romanian Injury Report Just for Good Measure...

Our Italian reader Giulyx14 informed us the other day that in addition to Sandra Izbaşa and Daniela Druncea, three other Romanian gymnasts (Cerasela Pătraşcu, Gabriela Drăgoi, and Ana Porgras) made the trip to Milan last weekend, not to compete in the Grand Prix event but to hang out with friends on the Italian team. According to ProSport, however, there was more to the visit to Italy than a nice joint training camp. Pătraşcu, Drăgoi, and Porgras were sent to Milan by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation to obtain a second opinion on their injuries.

Cerasela Pătraşcu (photo: ProSport)

"We weren't at all surprised to hear what the doctors [in Milan] told us," coach Nicolae Forminte told ProSport. "Their diagnoses were the same as the ones we'd obtained in Romania. It wasn't the diagnosis that was the issue, but rather what kind of therapy and rehab to embark on. Right now we're taking things a bit more easily, because we don't want to work with girls who haven't completely recovered yet, to prevent their injuries from getting worse."

After translating all those articles about neglected injuries in Brazil, we like the sound of that.

It's not all good news though.

Cerasela Pătraşcu, who got injured at this year's Europeans and has undergone two operations on her right meniscus, cannot resume training yet. "She'll have to wait two more months because we're not sure yet whether the cartilage where she had the arthroscopy will recover. There are signs that things are going well, but we'll have to wait a little while longer. Now everything depends on her and on how hard she wishes to fight to make a comeback," said Forminte.

Ana Porgras (photo: ProSport)

The news was similarly bad for Ana Porgras, the junior who was recently promoted to Deva's senior team. "Ana too will have to be operated on her knee, her left knee in her case, because of a detached ligament. Federation officials are currently discussing the operation with her family. Her family will have the last word on whether the operation will take place, and if so, in which city and in which country," explained Forminte.

Thankfully, Gabriela Drăgoi seems to have reached the end of a recovery period. She'll be allowed to intensify her training in a few days.

Gabriela Drăgoi in Deva (photo: ProSport)

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