November 5, 2008

Sandra's New Toy

On to happier news now...

Triple Full favorite Sandra Izbasa was one of five Romanian Olympic gold medalists (all female) to receive a car yesterday from COSR, the Romanian Olympic Committee. The Olympic champion on floor was presented with an orange, Chinese-made Hover worth €20,000 (about $26,000). She had picked the color herself in Beijing.

Photo: Gazeta Sporturilor


There's just one problem though. Izbasa doesn't have a driver's license. But according to Gazeta Sporturilor, that didn't prevent the champ from getting into the driver's seat, pushing lots of buttons and asking her father (who was accompanying her to the event) many questions about driving. "I'm just playing around," said Izbasa. "I'm on a voyage of discovery. I haven't got a license, but I'll definitely get one because I want to."

Until that time, Sandra thinks national team coach Nicolae Forminte should just act as her driver: "Mr Forminte can be both my driver and my coach," she said jokingly. "He'll drive me if I want him to. For me he'll be a bit of both." (Quote from ProSport.)

In actual fact, it seems Sandra's father will be the one to use the car for the time being. And while Mr Izbasa definitely wants his daughter to get her license, ProSport reports that he feels it shouldn't be her No. 1 priority this year. Instead he wants her to focus on passing her school exams at the end of the year.

Best of luck juggling those two things, Sandra.

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  1. hee hee. somehow i can't see forminte driving sandra around. i do like sandra though. she's got a sense of humor.