November 3, 2008

Thank God for the 2009 Code

This video was just brought to our attention. It's Korea's Park Eun-Kyong doing a seven-pass floor exercise at the recent Arthur Gander Memorial.

Brace yourselves... It's a women's floor routine which consists almost entirely of tumbling passes.

We're so glad anything over 4 passes won't be counted under the 2009 Code. Routines like this shouldn't exist. They shouldn't even be considered. Yikes.

We beg you, FIG, to bring back three-pass routines. Pretty please with sugar on top?

Park Eun-Kyong (Photo: Volker Minkus)


  1. oh. my. god. that was horrendous. i hope never to see anything like it again.

    **rinses eyes to erase awful memory**

    will the 2009 code protect us from sad excuses for floor exercises like that?

  2. If all goes well, it will! Under the 2009 Code, only the 8 most difficult elements will be counted (down from 10), and the number of tumbling passes on floor will be limited to 4 (anything done in excess of 4 simply won't be counted). So, yes, we assume that means we'll be spared five-pass atrocities from now on. Or seven-pass atrocities. Shudder.

  3. oh thank god that can never happen again. At least not so its rewarded.

  4. Yeah, we're thanking the powers that be for that too. As we said, routines like that shouldn't exist. Not in this universe or any other.

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