November 25, 2008

Pavlova: I'm Not Sure I'll Be Able to Come Back

The C Score beat us to the story, but just for the record, we'll confirm it. Anna Pavlova, who tore her cruciate ligaments at the recent DTB Cup, is by no means certain she'll ever be back on the apparatus.

Our reader Kristina was kind enough to translate this LiveSport article for us.

Anna Pavlova (photo: Thomas Schreyer)

Pavlova: "I'm Not Sure I'll Be Able to Come Back"

Anna Pavlova, the Russian gymnast and two-time Olympian of 2004 and 2008, underwent an operation to reattach her cruciate ligaments, calling the continuation of her sporting career into question.

"Last week, on November 20, they performed the operation on my injured knee," said Anna Pavlova. "I'm still in the hospital. At the moment the doctors aren't even allowing me to walk. They're carrying out various medical procedures, and a course of physical therapy."

"I'm unable to give an exact diagnosis, but it does all seem quite serious. I don't even know when they'll discharge me from the hospital. It will all depend on how my body responds to the medical procedures. There's no question at all of training in the near future. Without any doubt, I won't be participating in any competitions for the next half year. I hope, of course, that I may still return to gymnastics, but I'm not entirely sure of that," the gymnast was quoted as telling the "All Sport" agency.

So there you have it. The most beautiful gymnast of the moment (well, one of them anyway) isn't sure she'll ever get to show off her beautiful lines and moves on the floor again. We dearly hope she will, for the sport will lose one of its brightest stars if she's forced to retire.

Thanks very much for your translation, Kristina!


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