November 26, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust... But Fear Not, Others Are Still Left Standing!

The C Score reports that the Russians have lost yet another star to injury. Reportedly veteran Lyudmila Ezhova will have to sit out the World Cup Final in December because of a knee injury (gosh, we're getting tired of writing about those). What with so many big names being sidelined by injuries, we fear the World Cup Final will be a bit of a joke.

So are there any healthy gymnasts left on the Russian team, other than the three youngsters who competed in Marseille last weekend (Komova, Mustafina, Goryunova)? Turns out there are. At least five of them.

The C Score mentions Yulia Lozhechko, who may be Russia's representative at the World Cup Final with Ezhova and Pavlova out of the picture. She also mentions Elena Zamolodchikova, who, while not exactly in the best shape of her life, appears to be injury-free.

Tatiana Nabieva

Turns out there are at least three more healthy Russian gymnasts out there: Tatiana Nabieva, Ekaterina Kramarenko, and Polina Miller. None of these girls will be at the World Cup Final, but according to a French newspaper, La Voix du Nord, they'll be performing at a gymnastics gala to be held in Bethune, northern France, on November 30.

European junior champ Nabieva is hailed as a "Russian star" in the article. Somehow it sounds better in French: etoile russe. Indeed!

We're pleased to see that Polina Miller is alive and ostensibly kicking. It's been a while, Polly! Or is that Lina?

Polina Miller in 2006 (photo: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images)

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