November 30, 2008

More on Top Gym 2008: Results, Photos, Videos!

So far, no official results have been announced for the Top Gym event finals, but we know who won the medals:

1. Kamerin Moore USA
2. Jocelynn Kraan NED
3. Sofiana Markantasi GRE

Uneven bars
1. Jordyn Wieber USA
2. Ida Gustafsson SWE
3. Eline Vandersteen BEL

Balance beam
1. Jordyn Wieber USA
2. Larisa Iordache ROM
3. Yvette Moshage NED

Floor exercise
1. Larisa Iordache ROM
2. Kamerin Moore USA
3. Jocelynn Kraan NED

Jordyn Wieber (photo: Sandra Janssen)

Reportedly the performance level was much higher in the event finals (a weird kind of mixed team competition in which gymnasts only competed on two events) than it had been in the all-around competition. AA winner Jordyn Wieber won both of her events, bars and beam. Twistars teammate Kamerin Moore took a gold and silver, as did young Romanian Larisa Iordache. AA silver medalist Yvette Moshage had to scratch floor after injuring her knee on her beam dismount, the same 2.5 twist on which Anna Pavlova recently came to grief. Her coach later said that Moshage was "completely broken," which could refer to either her knee or her state of mind. Either way, we hope the Dutch gymnast's knee will heal soon.

Yvette Moshage (photos: Sandra Janssen)

Also, since it seems no one was able to view the photos to which we linked in our previous post, here they are! They were all taken by Sandra Janssen, who will undoubtedly post more on her site, Focus on Gymnastics, in due course.

Furthermore, YouTube user Dutchfan33 has begun to upload Top Gym videos, shot during the event finals, when most gymnasts actually hit their routines. So far, Dutchfan33 has uploaded the following routines. Check them out!


Jordyn Wieber, UB (technically sound but a bit dull, except for that gorgeous dismount)

Yvette Moshage, BB (nice routine, but don't watch it if you don't like the sight of gymnasts getting injured!)

Kamerin Moore, FX (good stuff!)
Kamerin Moore, V (solid Yurchenko 1.5)

Larisa Iordache, FX (great routine - check out that third pass!)
Larisa Iordache, BB (typically Romanian routine - fast-paced but pretty sloppy)

Larisa Iordache (photo: Sandra Janssen)

Jocelynn Kraan, FX (promising routine)

Sofiana Markantasi, FX (Stefani Bismpikou is getting a successor!)

Katharina Muller, FX (needs to work on her difficulty)

Jocelynn Kraan (photo: Sandra Janssen)


  1. Jordyn only competed two events as that was the rules of EF.

  2. Yeah, we sort of got that impression after looking at the results and noticing that no one had done more than two events. We'll adjust the text. Thanks for confirming our hunch!

  3. Kamerin's floor is lovely- she's not very graceful but her twisting is awesome. And competing in glasses- I love it.

  4. Dutch gymnast ended up with a torn ACL.. poor girl!