November 25, 2008

Jade Confirms: I'm on the Mend

It took them a while to get around to it, but in the end Globoesporte posted the update we were waiting for. And it's good. According to the Brazilian site, Jade Barbosa is recovering well from her hand injury. She hopes to resume proper training in January, and in the meantime she's having a great time with her Flamengo clubmates, Diego and Daniele Hypolito.

Proof that Jade Barbosa CAN smile! (Photo: Reuters)

We decided to translate the whole article for you. Enjoy!

In spite of her injury, Jade finds "a gymnastics family" and joy in Rio de Janeiro

Ignoring the scandals, the athlete says she will soon resume normal training

Injured, but happy. That short phrase has summarized Jade Barbosa's life since the gymnast returned to Rio de Janeiro to train there, last September. Despite a serious injury to her right hand and her strained relationship with the Brazilian Gymnastics Federation, the athlete keeps smiling during her workouts at the Flamengo club and is confident that she'll make a full recovery.

"Yes, I'm still injured, but I'm happy," said Jade. "Technically, it's not so different here from [the national training center at] Curitiba, but I'm closer to my family and my friends, and that makes all the difference."

Last week, Jade was given another reason to be glad. After sparing her injured hand for over two months, she received the news she'd been hoping to hear: That her chances of recovery are good.

"I'm feeling much better. I'm not considering quitting working out. God willing, I'll resume normal training in January," said Jade. She'll have a few more examinations over the next few weeks to assess the state of her hand following treatment.

"Gradually, she'll start doing gymnastics routines again," explained her coach, Ricardo Pereira. Jade's good relationship with her coach appears to be part of the reason why the gymnast is in such high spirits. Equally important is her friendship with Diego and Daniele Hypolito, who train at the same Rio de Janeiro club.

"Jade is a girl who needs support. She's spending too much time at home, so we're going to lots of places together. We're a true gymnastics family. I'm moving house, and Jade is coming to see the house with us to choose a place of her own," said Diego Hypolito.

His sister Daniele chimed in to say that she and Jade "are like sisters." Last Monday the two of them went to a beauty parlor together after their afternoon workout. It's something they could get used to, having a routine outside the gym.

Jade and Daniele (and Diego in the background, it seems) at their club in Rio de Janeiro. Look at the smile on Jade! (Photo: Globoesporte)

"We now have a social life. We take walks, go shopping..." says Jade.

Training at a great club, Jade is also beginning to learn how to deal with a common occurrence for teen idols: Being besieged by fans. "Every now and then we get boys here in the gym who say sweet things. But I'm not falling for it!" the 17-year-old athlete quickly added.

We're glad to hear it, Jade. And equally glad to hear you may be gracing the apparatus again next year.

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