November 30, 2008

About That World-Record-Breaking Hambüchen Routine...

We reported earlier that Fabian Hambüchen had shown the most difficult high bar routine ever during his club's last Bundesliga match before the grand final, a routine with a 7.5 start value. At the time we didn't know what element Hambüchen had added to his already ferociously difficult routine to account for the higher start value. We do now. According to a German source, Hambüchen has added a G-rated Pineda to his set. A Pineda, for those who don't know their MAG code by heart, is a barani-out Gaylord 2. Basically it's a full-twisting back somersault over the bar, like a Kolman, but with half turns before and after the somersault rather than a full turn during the somersault. You can watch the skill as performed by its originator, Mexico's Tony Pineda, here!

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