November 26, 2008

Triple Full Presents: A Gymnast Who Is NOT Injured

A day after confirming that Jade Barbosa is on the right track recoverywise, Globoesporte posted a story about Jade's clubmate Daniele Hypolito, Brazil's first ever world medalist. It doesn't contain any earth-shattering news, but we thought we'd post it anyway. For more information on Daniele's 2012 plans, check out this entry.

Daniele Hypolito in Beijing (photo: Julie Jacobson/AP Photo)

For London 2012, Daniele Hypolito is ignoring the controversies, focusing on muscle-building exercises instead

At age 24, the gymnast says she's more mature and ready for marathon workouts

Daniele Hypolito has left the time of controversies behind her. At age 24, she is training side by side with Jade Barbosa at Flamengo every day, but she doesn't want to get involved in her friend's problems with the Brazilian Gymnastics Federation. The gymnast, who has a history of quarrels with the Federation herself, has set her eyes on one goal only: To train hard so that she can vie for a spot on the London 2012 team.

"I train with Jade all the time, but I'm not part of what's going on. If I want to make the 2012 team, I mustn't get involved in those things. I've had my share of fights with the Federation, but today I feel super," says Daniele.

According to Daniele, her discretion in relation to the Federation is the fruit of maturity. The athlete, who left the national team in Curitiba in 2005 due to arguments with the Ukrainian head coach Oleg Ostapenko, is adopting a different attitude to her training, which will be even stricter from now on.

"I'll have to remain twice as focused as the other girls, and deal carefully with injuries. I'll be in a different stage as an athlete. If the other girls don't do any muscle-building exercises, they won't have any problems. I, on the other hand, do have to be worried about that, and must keep an eye on my weight."

However, one of the main reasons why Daniele is so different now was her change of air. In May 2008, the gymnast left the national team in Curitiba again - a decision which this time did not lead to any arguments with the Brazilian Gymnastics Federation - to return to Flamengo. At the Rio de Janeiro club she met up once more with Ricardo Pereira, a coach with a style rather different from Oleg Ostapenko's.

Daniele and coach Ricardo Pereira (photo: Globoesporte)

"When he has something to tell me, he always calls me into a corner. He never tells me off in front of the younger girls. When he looks at me, he already knows how I'm feeling," says the athlete, who is counting on her genetics and "healthy spirit" to stay on the national team.

"I've always been lucky when it comes to injuries. Mentally I'm prepared for the training. As to my body, I'll prepare that over the next few years."

Best of luck with that, Daniele. Stay injury-free, will you?


  1. Yeah Daniele! Staying strong:) Love this girl.
    And thank you for these awesome posts!
    I read every single one!!!

  2. Yeah, we really hope she makes it to London 2012 without any serious injuries. She seems to be taking a sensible approach to the project, so that's good!

    Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to know we're being read. ;-)