November 13, 2008

The Injuries Just Keep On Coming...

Ding ding ding, we have another winner!

According to this Russian article (which we wouldn't have found if the C score hadn't directed us there first), Ksenia Semyonova is injured and unable to train properly at present. Her injury will in all likelihood prevent her from taking part in the World Cup Final in Madrid in December. Does anyone else feel the field in Madrid is beginning to look a little... depleted?

Ksenia Semyonova (photo: Getty Images)

We don't actually read Russian ourselves, but if we read the Babelfish translation correctly, it's Ksenia's hand that is hurting, possibly because of a growth spurt. According to the article, Ksenia saw a German doctor after the Olympics, only to be told that he couldn't do anything for her as only time can heal her sort of injury.

The article says that Ksenia can only train in a way which doesn't involve putting pressure on her hand, which is to say she's working on choreography (apparently she's learned a new floor exercise for next year) and doing acrobatic skills on the trampoline.

We wonder if Ksenia could turn her injury into an advantage, like Elena Produnova did back in the day. Didn't Produnova's awesome running front tumbling skills stem from a temporary inability to put pressure on her hand? We doubt Ksenia has the kind of power required for running double front somersaults, but there's no telling what other interesting tricks she might learn while unable to do her usual thing. We bet her floor exercise will look really good come next year.

Get well soon, Ksyusha. Competitions will be dull without you, and besides, we're getting fed up with writing about injuries all the time.

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  1. Oh no! They really are dropping like flies, aren't they? What a pity. I'd so hoped to see Ksenia at the DTB Cup and the World Cup Final. She's such a sweetie. I spontaneously started to smile whenever I saw her at the Olympics.

    Let's hope she gets well soon!