November 30, 2008

Top Gym: Wieber's Victory Confirmed

By now the official Top Gym results have been announced (click here to see them), and it seems America's Jordyn Wieber was indeed the clear winner, finishing nearly 4 points (!) ahead of her nearest rival, Holland's Yvette Moshage. Wieber's teammate Kamerin Moore finished third, 0.75 behind Moshage but a full point ahead of Romanian promise Larisa Iordache.

Kamerin Moore, the only gymnast we've ever seen wearing glasses in competition (photo: Heather Maynez)

According to people who attended the competition, Jordyn Wieber was the only gymnast to have a good meet. She had a big wobble on beam and landed very low on her closing double pike on floor, but was otherwise clean (good double-twisting Yurchenko vault and standing full on beam). Yvette Moshage, who is from the same club as Sanne Wevers, also made few mistakes, but didn't sparkle as she usually does. Kamerin Moore reportedly fell on a Tkatchev and also missed a giant on bars. Furthermore, she suffered a fall from beam, put her hands down on her full-in on floor and went out of bounds on two tumbling passes (including the full-in). Larisa Iordache reportedly started out very well on beam and floor, but lost many points on vault (sloppy full-twisting Yurchenko) and bars, where a low start value and many small mistakes resulted in an abysmal 10.300. Her equally promising teammate Diana Bulimar never even got to compete; she twisted her ankle during warmups and was withdrawn from the competition. Chalk up one more injury for Team Romania.

Tatiana Nabieva

Unlike previous years, there were no Ukrainians or Russians at Top Gym. Fans were hoping that European junior champ Tatiana Nabieva, who is currently touring France with the St. Petersburg team, might make an appearance in Charleroi, but she chose to stay in France, reportedly performing on bars only. Rumor has it that Nabieva is suffering from a heel injury. We assume it was that same injury which kept her out of the Massilia Cup, in which she was slated to compete.

Some excellent photos of the Top Gym competition can be found here!


  1. I can't see the pictures from the competition because you have to be registered.

  2. Ah. We hadn't thought of that. Guess we'll just have to steal the photos then. Nicely credited obviously!

  3. I absoulutly love Kamerin Moore, she is so different, and cute!

  4. Kamerin Moore looks like an absolute sweetie and the glasses are cute as hell. Not sure if they'll still look cute when she gets a bit older, but we'll see...

    We'll be following her career with great interest, that's for sure!