February 11, 2009

Romania Loses Another National Team Member

It had been rumored for a while, and now it has been confirmed by ProSport: Andreea Acatrinei, one of the younger members of Romania's bronze-winning Olympic squad, with a nice layout back somersault on beam and a double layout on floor, has retired. This is what ProSport had to say on the matter:

Andreea Acatrinei in Beijing (photo: Reuters)

Andreea Acatrinei Has Retired

Andreea Acatrinei, a member of the national gymnastics team which won the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics, has announced her retirement from the sport due to medical problems (she has been diagnosed with herniated disks).

"It's a major loss as I was counting on her for the first part of the Olympic cycle. She was very important for the team, but we'll have to make do without her," Nicolae Forminte told us.

Acatrinei is the second athlete to leave the national team in Deva since the Beijing Olympics. Steliana Nistor retired from competitive gymnastics immediately after the Olympics, also due to health problems.

Here's hoping the other injured gymnasts about whom Forminte recently expressed his concern (Cerasela Pătraşcu and Gabriela Drăgoi) won't follow suit...

Andreea Acatrinei on BB
Andreea Acatrinei on FX


  1. After watching how the romanian federation discarded Nistor, Acatrinei did right thing by bailing out before any serous damages are done to her body.

  2. I honestly can't say I'm surprised that she's retiring. She had been debating it for quite a few months now. But that's definitely a shame because she was one of the more powerful tumblers on the Romanian team.

  3. It's propably best for her to retire before she ends up like Stela.
    Still, it's a pity. I would have loved to see how far she can go....