February 6, 2009

Finally, Some Followup on the Verona van de Leur Case...

We have some more gossip for you in the ongoing Verona van de Leur saga...

Many Dutch sites (including news aggregator Nu) are reporting that Van de Leur is taking her father to court. Apparently the 2002 vice-world champion on floor is suing her father, who managed her finances while she was a minor, for €62,000 (nearly US$80,000), the amount she says he took from her prize money and sponsorship deals to pay for vacations and family expenses. Mr. Van de Leur denies the allegations, claiming that all the money in Verona's account was spent on Verona's career, to pay for leotards, trips to overseas competitions, etc.

The court case is the latest development in an acrimonious and very public family feud which started in November. For more background information, click the tag at the bottom of this post.

Verona van de Leur in happier days
(Photo: Iris van den Broek/Gymnasticsphotography)


  1. Does anybody know the child income protection laws in the Netherlands?

    In the US, with the exception of California, Parents are entitled to 85% of their child's earnings if they want it.

  2. Is she the next Dominique Moceanu?

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