February 17, 2009

Izbaşa and Druncea Leave for Oklahoma; Grigore to Stay at Home Due to Weight Issues

This just in from ProSport:

Sandra Izbaşa (photo: ProSport)

Izbaşa, off to Nadia's show

Olympic floor champion Sandra Izbaşa and teammate Dana Druncea are leaving for the United States today to compete in the Nadia Comăneci International Invitational. The competition, organized by Nadia, will take place in Oklahoma on February 20 [note: as far as we know, the elite portion of the competition is held on the 21st] and will unite over 600 gymnasts from America and another 25 athletes from the rest of the world.

"It's a club competition, and our national team members also have obligations to the clubs where they were raised and which continue to support them. For us, the competition in America will be to verify everything we have learned and rehearsed so far under the new code," we were told by the national head coach, Nicolae Forminte.

Andreea Grigore (photo: Bernhard Schwall/Gymfan)

Although a third representative of Steaua Bucharest, Andreea Grigore, had also been announced as a competitor, the coaches decided not to send her to the United States.

"Grigore is having great weight problems and may jeopardize her health [if she competes]. We have decided that it's better for her to stay in Deva and try to get rid of the excess weight she has gained," said the head coach.

Sounds like a lot of gymnasts are having weight issues at the moment. Recent reports from Italy, Brazil and China indicate that Vanessa Ferrari, Lais Souza and Zhou Zhuoru have all put on significant amounts of weight and are having some trouble shedding it. We'll spare you the details; suffice it to say Grigore is not the only one who has her work cut out for her.

Meanwhile, doesn't Sandra look great in that picture?


  1. Yes she does :)! She always looks great!

  2. It sounds like all these gymnasts you mention are having their growth spurts. It must be very difficult at times like these. I'm sure like most girls, they're worried that they are getting fat when in fact, they're just growing, becoming women.

    They can't help the weight gain. It's inevitable. But I hope in time they adjust to their bodies and are able to put their weight into good use. Being heavier makes for more power :)

  3. Poor Grigore... I hope she can lose the weight as healthfully as possible, or adjust to her growth spurt. Ferrari, Souza, and Zhou too.

  4. Dang I was excited too see her this weekend

  5. Sandra is sooooo pretty!

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