February 15, 2009

Behold: Nastia Liukin's Max Azria Campaign (The Whole Shoot!)

Remember the Nastia Liukin fashion shots we posted a while ago, in which the Olympic champion was pictured modeling items from Max Azria's spring line? Well, Max Azria has just posted the whole shoot here, and to our delight, Nastia's flexibility is used to great effect, and her face (well hidden in the previously released images) is visible in many of the shots. Click "IMAGE BOOK" to see the whole shoot, then click "VIDEO" to see the making-of. If you can't watch the video on the Max Azria site, there's a low-res version on YouTube. It's well worth watching for its attempted... moodiness. Yes, let's call it that.


To be honest, we think Nastia looks better without the heavy eye makeup and hair extensions, but there's no doubt she's an interesting model. We can see why the Max Azria people hired her, and we don't think they'll regret their choice!


  1. "It's well worth watching for its attempted... moodiness. Yes, let's call it that."

    That really made me wonder what the video was going to be like.

  2. The video... honestly freaked me out a little bit. She looks beautiful and all. But yes, it tries way too hard. And I feel super voyeuristic - in a bad way - watching parts of it. I don't know - this ad campaign, I guess, just represents exactly the reasons why I don't like most high-end fashion designers.

  3. becauseofitall and Kayla, we agree. The video does try too hard. That's precisely why we liked it though - because parts of it were so overdone they made us giggle.

    Don't you think the photos are gorgeous though? We were genuinely impressed by some of the stills.

  4. The footage and photos of Nastia's aerial cartwheel, as well her the split leaps (and so on), were absolutely very beautiful.

  5. max azria is such a great designer!! it´s huge to be his image!! great for nastia!! i think that the photos are amazings and also the video!!

  6. I want that dress