February 7, 2009

About That Steliana Nistor Story...

Over the last few days we have received several comments and e-mails from readers asking what was being done to help Steliana Nistor and whether they could donate money for her treatment. We regret to say that as far as we know, nothing is being done yet. What is even more worrying is that we're not sure anything can be done about Steliana's health issues. If there's anything we've learned from translating all those stories about Jade Barbosa's hand, it is that necrosis cannot be cured, although complete rest has been known to bring some relief. As for Steliana's back, if it's really as great a mess as several doctors have apparently attested, we're not sure anything can be done about that either. But we obviously hope for the best...

We regret to say that we cannot establish a fund for Steliana ourselves as we're just a little too busy to manage that kind of thing. However, we would like to make the following request of our Romanian readers (we know we've got a few): if you hear anything about any fund-raising activities being conducted on behalf of Steliana, will you please let us know so that we can tell those of our readers who wish to contribute to her recovery how to go about it? Mulţumim frumos anticipat and all that!

(Photo: ProSport)


  1. I talked yesterday with Steliana on the phone. You can find here more http://steliananistor.wordpress.com/2009/02/07/the-interview-d/

  2. Steliana has a boyfriend!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
    I am heartbroken!!!! :(

  3. espero y estes bien
    bueno creo que debes seguir con
    tu carrera