February 10, 2009

Instead of News...

... we have three videos for you today. We took some time off from translating stories and scouring the web for news to watch Dutchfan33's videos of the recent Sidijk Tournament in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, and we found three routines we'd like to share with you.

Firstly, we guess you all know Sanne Wevers, who does two double turns in her beam routine - one regular, the other one with one leg up. Well, this is Sanne's twin sister Lieke Wevers (a beautiful, somewhat Nastia-like gymnast) proving that she too can do turns. Lieke has a line in her beam routine where she does three turns on different legs: a full turn with one leg up on her right leg, a regular full turn on her left leg, and a double turn on her right leg. The first two turns are connected; the third one obviously requires some preparation, but follows the other two pretty smoothly and looks very confident. We like!

Secondly, this is veteran Fieke Willems, now aged 26 and studying to be a doctor on top of being a competitive gymnast, doing another combination of which we approve: Shaposhnikova to Gienger between the bars. Nice.

Fieke Willems (photo: De Gelderlander)

And thirdly, this is Youna Dufournet's crazy difficult beam routine, featuring, among other impressive tricks, an Arabian to scale (if she ever learns to hit 180 degrees on that scale, it will be an awesome combination) and an Onodi-switch leap-gainer layout combination. As we've said before, Dufournet badly needs to improve her form, but boy, does she have tricks!



  1. Fieke Willems looks a lot like Elena Produnova in that picture. Does she always resemble Prod?

    Wevers' turn series is beautiful. Apart from the slight hesitation on the first turn she seems in complete control. Nice!

  2. That turn combination was really interesting - I've never seen that before. She does look a lot like Nastia on beam.

  3. Now elements to front scales on the beam will get a deduction (or no credit if under 135 degrees) if the scale is under 180 degrees.

    I would totally like to see an arabian to a back split with back bend, then to a 360 degree turn with a front split with back bend. Ivana Hong could do that if she could learn how to do a turn while in a front split with back bend.

  4. Thanks for the videos! I like that Shaposh-Gienger combo! That was really cool!

    Even though it's early to make a judgement watching only these Dutch and French gymnasts, it looks quite certain that floor is going to continue to be a low-scoring event. In fact, I expect scores to be a lot lower than they were from 2006-2008. I think we're going to see a lot of good routines score in the 13-14 range. 15 is going be quite difficult.