February 9, 2009

It's Official: Shawn Johnson to Appear on "Dancing with the Stars"

It’s official: Shawn Johnson is indeed going to appear on Dancing with the Stars. The 2008 Olympic champion on beam has confirmed the news on her website, saying she is "seriously so thrilled that I’m speechless (haha)." She went on to say: "Dancing with the Stars is by far something that I never imagined myself doing, but is also an experience of a lifetime that I am more then honored to be a part of. I’m actually kind of scared lol. It is going to take me out so far out of my comfort zone! But I’m up for the challenge and ready to take on the world :) and the other competitors. I head to LA this week to meet my partner, start rehearsing and meet the rest of the cast."

(Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images)

We think Shawn needs some grammar lessons as well as dancing rehearsals, but snarkiness aside, we definitely wish her the best in this new endeavor. Here’s hoping she’s given a partner who is not two heads taller than herself, and that she’ll use her new skills to her advantage if and when she finally remembers she is a gymnast as well as a celebrity!

Lilia Podkopayeva on Dancing with the Stars
Svetlana Khorkina on Dancing with the Stars

If any of you know of any other (former) gymnasts who have appeared on Dancing with the Stars (or whatever the show is called in your country), by all means post links to the videos below!


  1. So much for getting back to regular training? Not that I blame her. I would have a hard time going back too. Though if she does, perhaps it will help her artistry. I hope she fares well.

  2. Guys, it's not like she can't go back in the gym. Jesus, it's only 16 weeks if she goes till the end (4 weeks of training 12 weeks of competition + training)

  3. YA..just pretend she's injured right now and let her live!

  4. have to agree with your grammar comments... haha

    something she will have to work on if she ever intends on getting into an ivy league school like she has mentioned in the past.

  5. Marius Urzica was on Dancing with the Stars


    Dragulescu and Ponor

    Sorry no videos.

  6. Ah yes, we remember reading about Marius Urzica now. Didn't know about Dragulescu and Ponor though. How did they do? It was just a one-off, right? Pity there are no videos online...

    Katrina, we find it increasingly hard to believe that Shawn will make a comeback in 2009, even if she gets booted off the show in the first round, which we doubt she will. We hope she'll be back in 2010 though, and that all those dancing lessons will rub off on her floor exercise...

  7. oh stop picking on her grammar; it's clearly chat- style writing. Besides, it can be quite endearing. My fave is "Me and Cheng Fei get along really good" or something like that. PS <3 the thought of he kexin speaking queen's english

  8. Anonymous, as far as we're concerned, anyone who writes "It is by far something that I never imagined myself doing" is in dire need of grammar lessons. We still love Shawn to bits though...

  9. Found link with Catalina Ponor and Dragulescu
    at Dancing with the stars. It seems to me that they had a guest appearance and did bot compete.


  10. Thanks for the link, Anonymous! As we understand it, Ponor and Dragulescu took part in a special Christmas edition of the show, a fund-raiser for people in need (in their case, the little girl in the audience shown about one minute into the video). Ponor was Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and Marian was Santa. Sweet...

  11. I wonder will Shawn go back to competitive gymnastics at all (that is international not college)... it would be very hard to motivate yourself to a goal again as most athletes the goal is the Olympics and maybe a medal and when you've achieved it (and its taken years of blood sweat and tears) its like 'where to from here - what?! another Olympics?!'

  12. I wasn't say 2009 :) I think a year off, with all the pressure she's had to put with will be good for her.

  13. I'm sick of the shlock. She's done. It is a shame that she did not win Oly AA gold when she was the class of the world. But now...I don't care any more about shows or stuff like that.