January 21, 2009

Well, Hello Everyone...

First of all, apologies for getting so dramatic on you all the other day. We didn't mean to scare you. We just reached a point where two of us were getting a bit overwhelmed by all the demands of running a blog and wondering if it was worth it. We have since realized it is worth it, so we'll continue to write Triple Full. We just reserve the right to take a break every now and then, that's all.

So what's happened here over the last few days? Well, we've had an Anti-Triple Full blog named in our honor, we've been compared with Hitler, Stalin, and Castro for our comment moderation policy (which amused us to no end), and last but not least we've had a few discussions about our course of action, which resulted in a decision not to make any drastic changes for the time being.

Firstly, we've decided to keep the competition reports, since they appear to be popular and since we're aware that not all of our readers frequent the message boards where we get much of our information. There is, however, one caveat: in times of great busyness we reserve the right to drop the competition coverage. If, for some reason, we can't cover a certain competition without detriment to other things which matter to us, we simply won't. We're not going to go out of our way to cover every competition. We may even miss out on a big competition on occasion. The emphasis will remain on translated interviews, profiles, and news stories, and meet coverage will be of secondary importance.

Secondly, we will go on posting our stories anonymously for the time being. Personal bylines are definitely an option for the future, but for now we're going to continue to post as a group.

Thirdly, we've decided to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to trolls and people who try to use this blog to further their own agendas. So far we've always given people the benefit of the doubt. We will not do so anymore. If we suspect someone is trolling or otherwise abusing the comment function, we will simply reject their comments - no ifs or buts, and no discussion afterward. If we think people are being overly disrespectful of the gymnasts we're writing about, we will reject their comments too. Criticism (of us or of the gymnasts being discussed) is welcome, but only if it's constructive. We will gladly post any suggestions you may have for the improvement of this blog, so if you have any constructive criticism, by all means let us have it. Also, feel free to point out any factual errors you may come across in our reports - we'll be glad to have our mistakes corrected. And needless to say, any additional information you may possess on any given subject will always be welcome, as long as it's relevant.

Now, as for our wish list...

Several of our readers have written in to express a wish to help us run this blog, which meant a lot to us. Thank you so much, everyone. We've decided to be undignified and take you up on the offer. So...

1. If you're attending an international competition or national championships and would like to share your impressions with our readers, please get in touch with us, either by leaving a comment or by dropping us a line at mightymihaela at gmail dot com. More spies are always welcome. Thanks in advance.

2. If you speak Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Spanish or Italian and would like to contribute to the blog, please get in touch with us. We don't actually need anyone to translate entire Spanish or Italian articles for us (we can do that ourselves), but we'd like to have a few native speakers on standby to verify parts of our translations that we may not be entirely sure of, and to point us to any interesting stories we may have missed. Drop us a line if you want to help out in this capacity. A native Ukrainian speaker for helping out with those articles about Ukrainian gymnastics which are written in Ukrainian rather than Russian would also be very welcome. Finally, we'd like to pay much more attention to Japanese, Korean, and Slovenian gymnastics than we have so far, but not being remotely fluent in those languages, we haven't been able to come up with any interesting stories. If you speak Japanese, Korean or Slovenian and can spare the time to do some translating for us every now and then, please get in touch at mightymihaela at gmail dot com. Thank you very much in advance!

3. Finally, we could do with a good North American correspondent - someone who keeps an eye on American/Canadian gymnasts' (male and female) homepages, club sites, and other news sources, and lets us know whenever there's a story that's worth reporting, a video that's worth posting, etc. If you're interested, drop us a line!

And now, back to our scheduled programming...


  1. 1. Cool that you are staying. Please keep eyes on enjoyment. I figured there was some burnout, so I hope you find a way to keep it enjoyable.

    2. Was thinking bylines might help ones who are contributing get egoboo. (Maybe use a moniker like "TCO".) But I'm not agitating. Do as you like.

    3. Create a forum?

    4. Jess?

    5. I assume that I am the "pet troll" and am exempted from the stern comment restrictions? ;-)

  2. Hey! I read your blog all the time and I speak Slovenian, cause I'm from Slovenia. I train gymnastics, but I'm not competing. I train only twice a week, but I LOVE gymnastics. I watch it on you tube and I also read newspapers to see if there is any news about Pegan, Petkovsek or any other slovenian gymnast. So, I would like to help you with your blog. I am sending you my e-mail address on your e-mail because I dont want to post it here.

  3. Off topic a bit, but I wasn't sure where to put this...
    Any idea what's doing with Shayla Worley? Kept hearing she was going to Georgia, then...nothing...

  4. Thanks for continuing this blog, as it is excellent. I check it daily, and really enjoy it.

  5. As a fellow (although not as comprehensive nor as prolific) blogger, what you've been going through is completely understandable.

    It's really tough, translating and posting and trying your hardest to stay on top of things when you're not being paid for your efforts and you're trying to balance blogging and having a life.

    But you have a wonderful blog here, and many, many in the gymnastics community are deeply appreciative. Keep going, Gym Girls. Best of luck!

    Blythe at Gymblog

  6. Hi everyone!
    I'd like to take time to commend you all on your efforts and I know how time consuming this is because I have a daily blog for Nadia Comaneci plus I have yahoo group for her too. I post everyday there too and I admit it gets hectic especially since I have a family to take care of also.
    I think you girls are doing a spectacular job here and if the work gets to stressful, do take time off as it will be better then getting burned out and quitting. I also reference you to my Nadia group as I also cover the current Rom gymnasts and competitions too.

    world wide fans of Nadia Comaneci

  7. Anyone who complains about facist comment moderation is a troll, plain and simple.

  8. I can't speak for North Korea, but I know there is very little coverage about gymnastics in South Korea. They're preoccupied with golf, swimming, figure skating, short track speed skating, baseball, and soccer. The media gave some attention to an up and coming rhythmic gymnast, Sohn Yeon Jae. However, she's only 14 years old and they wrote about her only because she recently signed under the same management as Kim Yuna who is one of the most popular sports stars in Korea right now.

    Unless it's the Olympics or a South Korean gymnast gets amazing results at a major competition, I wouldn't expect any kind of gymnastics news from them.

  9. BTW, is this Liu Xuan's second single you previously blogged about?

    She doesn't have an amazing voice, but she's also not jarringly bad. I actually enjoy the song a lot. It's easy, breezy listening.

  10. Yea for staying... If I had time, I'd totally love do the North American part but alas, I have my own blog and I don't frequent the MB's (way to much drama for me! I have my own).

    But I can help when I can if needed! Just let me know

  11. Anonymous, it is indeed Liu Xuan's second single! Thanks for posting the link. We'll devote a separate post to it. Thanks also for confirming our hunch that there's not much Korean gymnastics news to be had. We still encourage the Korean speakers among our readership to keep their eyes peeled, though...

    Blythe and Donna-M, thanks for the kind words. Praise from fellow bloggers means a lot to us. It's hard work, isn't it? :)

    Thank you too, Petunia. We like to hear we're being read. :)

    Brina, thanks very much for the offer. We've sent you an e-mail!

    Anonymous, hasn't Shayla Worley signed with the Gators? That's the last we heard about her.

    TCO, we're not going to create a forum. There are plenty of other forums out there. You just need to learn not to get banned from them. :) Speaking of banning, I'm sure you'll understand me when I say that our no-trolling policy applies as much to you as to anyone else, and possibly more so, considering your history.

  12. Katrina, thanks! If you ever attend a competition, we'd love to hear from you.

    We hear you on the message boards. Sigh.

  13. I wish I could help! I live in Croatia so if you ever (highly unlikely) come across any croatian article that needs translation, I'll be happy to contribute. Anyway, keep up the GREAT work with this blog :) You really satisfy my crave for gymnastic news since I have a clinically proved obsession for it :P

  14. I forgot to mention I also speak some Italian, but not so good. If you want I can try to help you with that too.

  15. Hi girls! I'm so happy you're staying, your blog is excellent, and it's basically my one and only source for gymnastics news.
    anyway, you have an italian native speaker fan here, and I'd love to offer my help with your blog. I've sent you an e-mail!

  16. I love this blog!!!!!Congratulations!!!If you need help i'm italian ;)

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. please keep this blog, i check it regularly and thoroughly enjoy the content

  19. Thank goodness! I am so pleased you are back! I just love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  20. i love this blog! thank you guys for continuing! If you aren't covering a competition, would it be possible to just put the message board link where you get your information from? That would be amazing.

    Also, Shayla signed with the GymDogs - see article from their site: http://www.georgiadogs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=44931&SPID=4004&DB_OEM_ID=8800&ATCLID=1623384

  21. I actually like your take on comment moderation, even though I usually like to read blogs that don't do it. Some of the comments on gym blogs are just obnoxious--some commenters aren't offering any real substance, just gripes and complaints that show how poorly informed they are. If you want to get rid of those comments--so be it! I will be a happy camper.

    RE: burnout--I imagine a blog like this is a major time commitment, but it is a fantastic product. Do you what you have to do to keep it enjoyable.

  22. Anonymous posters, thank you! We'll see what we can do. :)

    Greywings and Giulyx14, sounds like you're our girls! Greywings, expect an e-mail soon. Giulyx14, could you possibly send us your e-mail addy too? Our address is mightymihaela at gmail dot com.

    Brina, thanks very much for the Italian offer, but in this case we're really looking for a native speaker. We read Italian fairly well ourselves; it's the difficult things only a native speaker would know that we need help with. :)

    Dora, thanks! We don't really follow the Croatian media ourselves, but if you ever come across an interesting story about Tina Erceg or Filip Ude, or if Tanja Deladio comes up with yet another crazy bar skill, we hope you'll let us know.

    BMc, you are absolutely right. We actually posted a story about it ourselves - how everyone was expecting Worley to go to Florida but she signed up with Georgia instead. In any case, we haven't heard anything about her since. We don't follow the NCAA all that closely, and we're a little too busy doing other things at the moment to look into it. Sorry. But perhaps our new North America correspondent will be able to answer your question soon! :)

    We think our competition coverage problem may have been solved, but you'll hear more about that later.

    As to linking to the message boards where we get our information, we could do that, but
    1. many of the message boards are members only, so you need to sign up with them before you can read anything, and
    2. some of the information is in foreign languages.
    So that wouldn't always work.

    Sally, we're glad you approve of our comment moderation. Just so as you know, so far we've only rejected two persons' comments, and both had been given ample warning. We certainly don't intend to go all fascist on everyone. People are welcome to speak their minds here, just as long as they keep things polite.

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, having a blog like this is a major time sink, but we think it's worth it. :)

  23. I would! But at this point in time, I live in the middle of nowhere (I'm even to far to see University of Washington State's team compete), the nearest comps are lower level comps :)

  24. Jess would be good for NA, if it doesn't create a jealous rift within the Borg. :(

    Plus she likes Shawn over Nastia...hee hee! :)

  25. I looked around the internet for anything about Shayla Worley, and I could not find anything.

    I could be your Brazil correspondent, since that's the thing I post on my blog the most.

  26. Katrina, sorry to hear it. That's too bad. :(

    TCO, we think we've found ourselves a good North America correspondent. Give us time and we'll present her to you. Also, we're in talks with Jess about competition coverage. She may join us, but hasn't quite made up her mind yet.

    Cidlover, we couldn't find anything about Worley either. We hope someone will step forward with inside knowledge.

    As for being our Brazil correspondent, thanks, but we can handle it! We're working on a story right now...

  27. Er...I am far from a native speaker, but since I could use the practice and I know a few native speakers and not-native-but-fluent-in-the-language speakers, if you have an article in Japanese, I can give it a go and then run it by my sources.

  28. D, that would be great. Shoot us an e-mail and we'll get in touch with you. Thanks very much!

  29. I'm not a native speaker, but feel free to send me anything in Spanish. I can proof and check translations and what not. Thanks, you guys are great.

  30. I can offer coverage on US Mens Gymnastics and some womens but I specialize more with the Men. Let me know if there is any information you need.
    My email is on my fan site http://www.j-horton.com

  31. Glad to hear you're staying with it! I'm no longer a gymnast, but I do enjoy keeping up with it (though MAN do I feel my age when I gripe about "the good old days", when gymnastics involved more than a constant string of tricks). Your blog is a wonderful source of extremely well-written gymnastics news...thanks

  32. I'm sorry for not giving my email - admin.jhorton.com@gmail.com
    Winter Cup is coming in a few weeks, it's a US MAG National team qualifier and some pretty heavy hitters will be competing (Jonathan Horton, Guillermo Alvarez, Joey Hagerty,Sean Golden, David Sender)

  33. I know you have received many comments encouraging you already, but I did want to add mine. I stumbled across your blog about 2 weeks ago and was incredibly excited. The information you guys provide is wonderful, and the amount you provide is, well, unbelievable. I have no idea how you keep up with it all.

    I also am impressed with the way you run the blog and comments. You are professional and polite. I know there have been some recent complaints from a small portion of your readers, but as you have mentioned, this is your blog and we are all guests. If you want to ensure that all comments are polite or at the very least, constructive, that is your prerogative. If people want to engage in a more "lively" discussion on different news articles or the good/bad features of various gymnasts, they can run their own blog.

    In the comments for the previous post, you asked what people preferred. While I enjoy all the information you provide, I feel that you should focus on what you enjoy posting. If there is too much to keep on top of, you should post whatever you want and however much you feel up to. Also, please, don't feel guilty about taking breaks. Not that you need my permission. ;) What I am trying to say is, you are providing a service for free. Gathering and translating the information has got to be time consuming. It should be something that you enjoy doing, not something that causes additional stress. Anything you post, even if it is a small percentage of what you have been posting, would still be more information than most of us would probably have access to, and I would still be thrilled. ;)

    You have possibly already considered this, but one idea I had is, when things get crazy, if you still want to post as much of the information as possible, would it be easier to just provide summaries of various interviews, competitions, and articles. While a translation of the full article or interview is fantastic, a quick summary of what is basically going on is still information we probably wouldn't otherwise have access to. Again, this is your blog, do whatever you enjoy doing and thank you for all of the effort you guys put into this. This blog is amazing, and I will enjoy reading whatever you happen to post.