January 14, 2009

Interesting Developments in Brazil

First of all, Globoesporte reports that the Brazilian Gymnastics Federation has canceled the selection camp for artistic and rhythmic gymnasts and trampolinists that was supposed to take place at Curitiba, January 26-28. What with several of their top gymnasts (Daiane dos Santos, Lais Souza, Jade Barbosa) being injured and others (like Diego Hypolito) simply refusing to show up, the Federation must have felt it was no use holding the camp. No new date for a selection camp has been set yet.

Diego Hypolito (photo: Reuters)

Secondly, it seems that Jade Barbosa and the Hypolito siblings may not have to leave Rio de Janeiro after all if their club, Flamengo, does indeed go through with the planned closure of its elite gymnastics program. In an interesting turn of events, the new Olympic sports coordinator of another famous Rio de Janeiro sports club, Botafogo (like Flamengo, best known for its superb soccer team), has offered to set up a training center in a large shed adjacent to the club's Engenhão Stadium. The Botafogo coordinator, Miguel Ângelo da Luz, told Globoesporte that he would try to obtain the equipment used at the 2007 Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro, which is currently stored by the Brazilian Olympic Committee. He also stated that Botafogo was not trying to steal gymnasts from its traditional rival, but merely trying to help out. We'll be interested to
see how that pans out...

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