January 5, 2009

Druncea, Grigore, and Izbaşa Scheduled to Compete in Oklahoma Next Month

ProSport just posted another update on the Deva girls, this time with news about competition assignments (at the bottom of the article). Here you are!

Girls Training Normally

Having finished a ten-day training camp in the mountains during the holiday period, the members of the national gymnastics team have re-entered their regular training program, with two workouts a day.

"We can already see the effects of the conditioning work done in the mountains. The girls, especially the juniors, are better able to withstand exertion and constant training now. So far everything is going well. Things are back to normal now. Sandra has returned to the team as well, after we let her spend a few days at home. We're not having any particular problems," coach Nicolae Forminte said.

The technical staff and Federation officials will soon determine in which competitions the girls will compete this year. "We'll have a meeting to establish our competitive calendar and to commit to paper the training plan we have thought up for this year," explained coach Nicolae Forminte.

The competitive schedule has not been finalized yet, but the head coach did say the first competition of the year would take place in Oklahoma next month, at an international competition organized by Nadia Comăneci.

"It's a club competition, and the Steaua girls have been invited. Dana Druncea, Andreea Grigore, and Sandra Izbaşa will be going. After that, on February 21, we hope to send Ana Tămîrjan to the American Cup, also in the United States. Those will be our competitions in the near future. In addition, we'd like to send some juniors to test competitions. One such competition will be held in March, in either England or Italy. The exact place is still to be determined," the coach said.

Dana Druncea, scheduled to compete in Oklahoma in February
(photo: Jasmin Schneebeli-Wochner/Gymbox)

Could this be a junior ROM-ITA-GBR tri-meet in March? Cool. We look forward to that! Also, the Nadia meet should be fun, what with Dana Druncea, Andreea Grigore, and Sandra Izbaşa attending.

External link: Nadia Comăneci International Invitational


  1. That's going to be exciting. I can't wait until February.

    And the translation thing is completely OK. The video had a rough translation in its description anyway.

  2. We're pretty excited about the February competitions ourselves. February is a bit early in the season for good gymnastics, but still!

    Glad to hear you understand about the translation thing. We're honestly drowning in translation work at present. The last thing we need is more translation work!

  3. Isn't the Nadia Invitational the same day as the American Cup? Feb 21st?

  4. That is correct. The optional routines are on the same day as the American Cup.

  5. Yes, the Nadia Invitational and the American Cup are held on the same day, February 21. However, the Romanian says "after that," so we translated it that way. :)

  6. I see, what day will the Romanians be competing? I wonder if Forminte will be in Chicago or Oklahoma City

  7. We guess the Romanians will be competing on the 21st. :) We're pretty certain Forminte will be in Oklahoma, with the three girls. Ana Maria Tamirjan will probably have to make do with another coach.

    Cidlover, what's this about "optional routines"? Aren't all routines optional these days? As opposed to compulsory?

  8. I meant that the girls in the junior Olympic program do compulsory routines.

  9. If only Oklahoma just wasn't so far away, lol.