January 9, 2009

Lavinia Miloşovici: "I'm Trying to Find Peace!"

A few months ago we reported that Lavinia Miloşovici's daughter had passed away. She had suffered from a rare nervous system disorder ever since her birth and was never expected to get old, but even so her death at age 4 came as a great surprise. Needless to say, "Milo", who had put her career on hold to look after her little girl, was heart-broken, and many in the gymnastics world mourned with her.

ProSport just caught up with the bereaved mother, who sounds like she is still suffering every day, but can thankfully count on the support of her friends and former teammates.

(photo: ProSport)

Lavinia Miloşovici: "I'm trying to find peace!"

Almost three months after the death of little Denisa Florentina, the multiple champion still feels the drama she has suffered as keenly as before.

"It's very difficult to start all over again. When someone leaves like that, you don't get over it quickly. I miss my daughter, and everything we lived through together, and our struggle [for survival]. I have to be strong, but it's horrible," Lavinia says with a sad voice.

The loss of her daughter (who was diagnosed at birth with a rare nervous system disorder) at age 4 and a half has left an indelible mark on Lavinia. The cardiac arrest suffered by her little girl has changed her whole world. "This will never be a thing of the past for me. She will always be with me. She was my life," says the former gymnast sadly.

In Timişoara "Milo" is struggling to get through the greatest trial of her life: "I don't know what to do with my life. I haven't thought of what is to come next. I hope that time will heal my wounds and that I'll forget about the pain."

The double champion of the Barcelona Olympics, now aged 32, regularly receives signs of interest from those who appreciate her and are fond of her, including people from the world of sport. "My friends and my former teammates are calling me all the time to ask how I'm doing. That gesture of theirs warms my heart and makes me feel as if I'm not in this alone. I'm trying to find peace, but it's hard to find an equilibrium," she adds.

"We're standing by Lavinia and are trying to help her as well as we can. We hope she'll find peace, because she's a special person who deserves everything that is good in life" - Simona Amânar, little Denisa's godmother.


  1. Poor Lavinia!
    I was a big fan of her. There is stiil a poster of her hanging in my room :-)

    Good luck, Lavinia!

  2. Poor Lavinia indeed. We know one never really gets over a loss like this, but we hope she'll start feeling better soon.

  3. I am the Milosovici biggest fan in the world. She was very strong and self-confident gymnast. I hope that she ll be happy soon!