January 10, 2009

Behold: Cheng Fei with Short Hair

Yesterday we reported - not without a measure of horror - that Cheng Fei was considering getting a short haircut. The news inspired one of our readers to get creative with Photoshop and produce a photo of what Cheng might look like with short hair. The result cracked us up so much that we thought we'd share the pic with you.

Behold: Cheng Fei with short hair.


We dearly hope she doesn't go through with the plan. Someone please show her this pic and explain to her why getting a haircut like this would be a phenomenally bad idea before it's too late!

Many thanks to our anonymous reader and Photoshopper for providing us with a good (albeit horrified) laugh.


  1. Talk about fuzz-cut!

    If she cuts her hair, hopefully it will be a more flattering style. Though with her training regimen and probable little prior attention on hair management, who knows... Either way, I think she can still look good! And this might be an awesome experience for her. Her entire life has been gymnastics up to this point. It's nice to see her doing more for herself, that she desires.

  2. He looks like an asian version of Dominique Dawes in 2000.

  3. I scrolled straight down to the photo and literally said "Whoa!" outloud (I'm in a room full of people). Only when I read the actual text did I realize it was photoshopped, and then I was relieved.

    I'm with anonymous, I don't think short hair will necessarily look bad on Cheng. And it is wonderful that she's trying to do something for herself. But yes, let's hope that's not how she's envisioning her future haircut. I have faith in you, Cheng!

  4. Who cares?? As far as I'm concerned her hair is her own business. As long as she points her toes I'm happy...

  5. I thought I'd add to the photoshop fun:)

    The original photoshopper is far better than I am....

    Posh Cheng

  6. I accidently typed "he" instead of "she." That was a mistake and it was not supposed to be a joke.

  7. Oh thank god it's a photoshop!
    The picture nearly gave me a heart attack!

    I fear Cheng Fei will go through with the haircut, but let's pray it won't turn out like the picture above.

  8. Oh, come on, Sasha! It was a fun post. We're allowed to have a little fun and speak our minds every now and then, aren't we?

    We hope that if Cheng does go through with the haircut, it will be a more flattering cut than the one our Photoshop-savvy reader came up with.

  9. Zang Nan also had (still has?) short hair, and i think she looked great with it. So I think something like that will also be nice for Cheng Fei.


  10. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't look like that!

    I think she'd look cute with short hair. But then I generally like short hair.

  11. I think she looks cute. (I guess this is what they call bias.)
    Don't think that hairdo would suit her now, though.

  12. I agree that she looks good and cute with new hair cut. The hairdo is perfect to fit a young women in the gymnastic.

  13. Guess we'll just have to agree to disagree then... :)

    Final Anonymous, you do realize that this is not Cheng's real haircut, don't you? It's a Photoshopped picture.

  14. I saw the picture before the text and my jaw dropped. That was horrifying! Thank goodness it's a photoshop job.