January 23, 2009

Kim Bui to Compete at American Cup

The German Gymnastics Federation, DTB, has named the female gymnast who will represent Germany at the American Cup in February. Apparently it is Kim Bui who will join Fabian Hambüchen on the trip to Chicago. According to German head coach Ulla Koch, the 20-year-old from Tübingen has earned the right to make an appearance at the American Cup: "Kim gave a great performance in our training competition and so more than deserves to go to the US."

Bui was not part of Germany's Olympic squad, but did recently win a bronze medal on floor at the DTB Cup.

Kim Bui (photo: DTB)


  1. Amelia Racea is going to American cup instead of Tamarjan. you can find the article in Prosport.

  2. Thanks, Mihaela! I just read the story. Guess I'll have to post yet another entry today...

  3. Awesome, thats is great, I was really disapponited that she was not on the Olympic team! A great chance to show off to the international crowd!